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What? Why?

In today's information age, news is often filled with opinionated perspectives and emotional language that can attempt to sway viewpoints. Neutral.News is a tool that takes the content from any news article and processes it to remove potential biases, emotionally charged language, and other subjective elements. The end result is a set of unbiased, neutral points that represent the core facts given in the article. Our aim is to offer everyone a clean, distilled version of the news, free from potential bias, enabling them to make more informed judgments based on factual content alone.

Wait! Who are you?

Egg Software is proud to present Neutral.News. The necessary new news neutralizer that never needs to nuture a narrative in order to nab new news nuts.

How did you get in here!?

Neutral.News first went live to the general public on December 28th, 2023.